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Just me being me

My puff last night was everything 😍
#flattwisout #lottabody
#naturalhair #naturalhaircommunity #nhluv #nhdaily #loveyourmane #ladyinfluence #ignaturals #islandnaturals #myhairomance #teamnatural #trialsntresses #embraceyour_natural #blackboldandnatural #afronuts #honeybenatural #curlqueenz #curlsngirls #chicnaturalistas #naturalhairguru #naturalhairdaily #naturalskillinit #natural_girlsrock #naturalhairjourney #naturallyobsessed

I enjoyed my meal courtesy of @sorellepatricia Thank you!! Love you girl!! 😘😘 #myfriendisbetterthanyours #foodporn (at Grillfire Arundel)

I enjoyed my meal courtesy of @sorellepatricia Thank you!! Love you girl!! 😘😘 #myfriendisbetterthanyours (at Grillfire Arundel)

Da only pair of heels that I can withstand wearing for long periods of time 😌 (at Grillfire Arundel)

I swear I LOVE this girl here!!!! @sorellepatricia Always there for me like I’m there for her!!! Took me out for my bday #A1sincedayone 😘 Made me dress up even tho I threw a fit on getting girly lol (at Grillfire Arundel)

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If u know me then u know how I get lol I keep telling ppl I’m nice, but they don’t hear me tho lol

I got called out to do the #prettyfacechallenge by @iam.fatimaj I wanted to be diverse in the many facial expressions I have lol I now challenge @sorellepatricia @jessysolovely @jazziemonet @im_onlyjess @qtgtgyal

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@teyanataylor went the fuck off lastnight 😏 #testimonytour #teyanataylor #maybe (at The Fillmore Silver Spring)

😒 #augustalsina #alsinanation #testimonytour #NobodyKnows (at The Fillmore Silver Spring)

Out of the five times I’ve seen @augustalsina in person in DC I have three things signed by him. I swear I enjoyed my birthday lastnight and it’s always a pleasure to be around his positive energy and a fellow Virgo @banggang_moneyteam I can only imagine how Yungin’ Virgo “bipolarness” is lol #testimonytour #augustalsina #alsinanation #happybirthdaytome (at The Park at 14th & Fillmore Silver Spring )

I don’t care what anybody says I love when @augustalsina sings #NobodyKnows I can’t help but cry. Shit I bust out in tears b4 he did. Cuz that song is everything and it’s relatable, shit all his songs is relatable. If y’all not in to him yet, u hope you are now especially since I’m flooding y’all TL with nothing but Yungin’ #testimonytour #augustalsina #alsinanation #fillmoress (at The Fillmore Silver Spring)

Y’all just don’t understand how much @augustalsina was sangin’ lastnight #testimonytour #augustalsina #alsinanation #fillmoress

@augustalsina #GetYaMoney when it’s a sold out show & everybody singing along where u don’t even have to sung than u kno u loved. Ok this is my last post I’m bout to take my happy ass to sleep more when I wake up 😘 #augustalsina #alsinanation #testimonytour #fillmoress #happybirthdaytome

I’m proud of @augustalsina and all he has accomplished. I’ve been to five out of seven appearances/performance Yungin’ had in the DMV and best believe I’m not missing anymore. I love seeing ppls growth and be able to be apart of certain moments. From being an opening act to headlining his own tour. From laugh and crying at certain songs/accomplishments/moments can’t no one tell me Yungin’ ain’t come a long way. He is a fukkin sweat heart and them vocals is on point and anybody that comes out the side of they fukkin next to say bad bout him or down play his talent is a muthafukkin liar and can suck a dick n choke on cum straight like that. I just went from calm to turnt up lol sorry it’s da Virgo in me. But all in all I love Yungin and the vibe he gives off and I’m just happy I got to see him perform on my bday!!! ☺️ #testimonytour #furtue_beat #fillmoress #alsinanation #augustalsina #virgo #happybirthdaytome (at The Fillmore Silver Spring)

While leavening the Fillmore I ran into the man himself Mr. “Ladies Love To Say Paris J” y’all betta pay attention this young man right here is talented! Y’all gonna see more of best believe that, y’all gonna remember his name. @pearisj (at The Fillmore Silver Spring)

Im Indian, Chinese, Black etc.
Im from South America, Guyana to be exact
I love to dance, n sumtimes write songs wen I get into that stage.I love to eat so much, but I haven't got bigger yet so we'll see lls
All I want yall to kno is Coolie A Run Ting Yah Dun Kno

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